Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I paid for this?

Yes, I did! I paid for 10 weeks of having my butt kicked in Asharah's Beginning I class. Monday's now involve joining two friends for the round trip to Joy of Motion's Atlas studio in northeast DC and putting ourselves into her capable hands. The class write up mentions sweat, and sweat I did, down my face, my neck, my back, the floor. I'm not too sore, but then we really didn't get into too many squats or butt squeezes. It was only the first week, though. We'll see what comes next.

So today I think I'll take my hoop to a shady spot in the park and try to work out some of the kinks. Tonight is practice in our un air conditioned studio space; this weekend . . . craziness! I have a private lesson with Lisa Sunday morning, a 4 hour workshop with her Sunday afternoon and we're dancing in a hafla Sunday night. Monday? Exhaustion!


info said...

yay! sounds fun

Toya said...

I can't wait to see y'all dance on Sunday. I have a gig at 4 and I'll be heading over after that. Hope y'all don't dance before I get there, but if so, I'll at least get to hang out with you! Yay!

Amy said...

Dancing starts at 5:30, and I asked R to put us on later but she said right now we're in the first half. It's gonna be tight; all three of us are taking Lisa's workshop from 1-4, then running to my/Nora's place to change then hauling butt to EC.