Monday, December 28, 2009

More on that wedding

One of my recent entries was about the wedding we danced at in October. Well our friends Christina and Jason are Offbeat Bride. Go over take a look at the gorgeous pictures of the ceremony and after party!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gearing up for the new year

Ever since October I've been feeling like the end of this year has been kind of . . . eh. I haven't been motivated, class schedules were weird, holiday and other obligations were looming. I tried to slow down a bit to enjoy the fall, get outside, rest up for the end of year craziness. Now that we're past the holidays I feel ready to jump into what's coming up next. 

 Christmas was wonderful as usual; my parents gave my SO and I a week of their time share in New Orleans over Halloween (his birthday). I already let Ali know we'll be down there, and (being me) I'm already making a list of places to eat. I've been twice before, as a poor goth young adult. Now I'm looking forward to going back as a less-goth (AKA not too cool to go on tours and other silly things) adult with a real job and some spending money. Thank goodness we have so much time to plan! There are also multiple Honk (marching band) festivals happening around the country and my SO wants us to go to at least one together. Need . . . more . . . vacation time. 

In April Noralita and I will be taking part in a show of all illuminated dance and performance. We're actually both performing as soloists. I'm pulling out my much neglected fire sword. Let me just say that I will be getting up close and personal with Belladonna's sword DVD this winter, as well as probably booking a private lesson on sword work with my teacher Shems (who won the Belly Dance Nationals Proptastic Category!). 

Also, there's a distinct possibility I will be buying a house in the first half of the year. Eeeeeek! I know nothing about buying a house but *gulp* I guess I'd better start learning. 

And on top of that I'm waffling about going to the FCBD GS in Arlington, VA in February. I really want to go, I've wanted to attend GS since Carolena first mentioned the idea of it several years ago. Unfortunately it finally came to my area right as it went from a 3 to 4 day session, which hikes up the price. Also unfortunate is the location; the studio is awesome but it's over an hour drive from me in metro DC traffic. So I'm still thinking about this one. On one side, getting all that info from the source, digging into my dancing for four days and getting to really work. On the other, the cost and manipulating my schedule and accommodations to attend. 

In preparation for all of this performing and dancing I've lined up some dance videos on Netflix so I can start getting my act pulled together in my home practice. After this weekend I'll be working on my schedule so I can get back into classes. There's a new dance studio in my neighborhood and I need to looking into their new year schedule. 

So yes, I'm gearing up to launch myself into the year. Who needs sleep!