Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dance Goals, Version 2.00.7

I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon and post my list. Actually, what I really need to do it print it out in some huge font size and pin it to several walls and major appliances in my house so I see it ALL THE TIME.

In no particular order:

* start logging my time spent on dance related interweb sites and match that with practice time
* head to the gym, hopefully the iPod helps
* get back into a regular class
* schedule a few private lessons with dancers I like, this may involve some travel
* go to Asheville, NC to visit and take some classes with Lisa Z. and her troupe
* save up for FCBD General Skills Certification, because if I do teach I want to be sure of what I'm doing
* attack my potential costuming pile, look for new inspiration
* home study with video, i.e. dissect performances/instruction for moves, ideas, inspiration
* expand my music collection, try to be adventurous
* increase my ability and confidence in solo work
* learn to turn off my hyperactive inner critic while dancing and just get into it!


the ineffable b said...

sounds like some really good ones to me.

but you know what... how come none of our lists had HAVE FUN as one of the criterion?


Amy said...

To me, it's all inherently fun. If it wasn't fun, I wouldn't be doing it. It's like the earlier post, the practice is the dance, the dance is the fun, the practice is the fun. It's all tied up together.