Friday, January 07, 2011

A sneak peek at a breakthrough

Wednesday night I was driving home late. I had worked my regular job all day, and then I spent 5 hours at the cafe. I finally got out at 11 p.m. and headed home. As I was driving I was thinking that, by the time I made it to my house, I'd have 45 minutes to get my physical activity in for the day.

Note, physical activity after a 9 hour day at my regular job, which can and often does involve a lot of time running around, and then 5 hours on my feet at the cafe serving people, cleaning, cooking, and more.

Anyway, as I was pondering what I'd do I figured yoga would be it because I needed the release after the long day. I wanted to practice my shimmies for class Thursday, but that would have to wait. And as I thought about the yoga sequence I wanted, I realized something. I was LOOKING FORWARD to it! Not in an obligatory way, where I know I'll be happy after wards that I bothered to pull my mat out. In an anticipatory way, in a way where I was looking forward to being in the moment of doing yoga.

Now today I am procrastinating about changing out of my work clothes and pulling out my mat, but I know if I do it I am one more step towards accessing that yoga excitement more often. At this point, every small motivational point counts.


the ineffable b said...

good for you! I am likewise trying to have a consistent practice again. I've found the Yoga Journal sequence builder to be helpful for days when I don't know what I want to do on the mat...

paulette said...

yea, been awhile, but lurking here, and i know you can do it!

Amy said...

B and Paulette - thank you! The yoga thing looks handy. Right now I've been happy to let Shiva Rhea tell me what to do, though I want to check out that Yin Yoga Flissy is teaching.

Paulette - I've been keeping up with you, even with the comments issues. The verification system on Blogger is working for me without too much spam. Not sure if the spammers are getting through your verifications? I can't comment at all to your blog, it keeps telling me I need to be logged on.