Tuesday, June 08, 2010

4th Annual Inappropriate Hafla!

Naima totally reminded me that we picked a day for our 4th Annual Inappropriate Hafla! It will be Labor Day weekend on Saturday September 4th. We wanted it to be over the summer but August is full of Pennsic, Charm City Tribal, Bellypalooza and Amel Tafsout, July is full of Tribal Synergy workshops and vacations, and June was just too close to everything else. Hopefully we'll have a good turn out, considering it's a holiday weekend. Also, we may have a new venue. We all LOVE Lyra's big yard but the possible new venue has an indoor performance space option if the weather turns against us.

So, dancers, start your engines! What craziness will you bring to the table this time?


Naima said...

HOORAY! I'm excited for our first Inap Hafla. We thought about calling ours the Dope and Inaprop Show but figured why change a good thing.
You should start a Facebook page for Inap Haflas and inspire inapropriateness all over.

Christina Allen Page said...

Oh man. Verve has already started floating ideas about. I can't wait!