Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Live and In Person!

A video! This is from May, when we danced as the headliners at Charm City Tribal's quarterly event, which is a ton of fun and you will want to attend if you're in the area when one is happening, like in early November.

This is the first time we performed with the dueling duets and it was Flissy's first performance with the troupe; we asked her to join right after this. She did a beautiful job.

One funny thing you can't see from the angle is that when I'm behind Nora at one point we spin around and our skirts hook together. I had to do a quick reverse spin to unhook us. Note to self: only one person at a time gets to wear an Indian embroidered skirts with sequins, and also never wear them around someone with a lot of long chainette fringe or yarn belts.


Naima said...

May I ask what kind of bra you wear with an open back choli like that or are you one of the "perky" people who can go without?

Amy said...

Not perky, but that choli is make of non-stretch cotton so it holds in pretty well. I can wear stretch cholis alone, though I only do so for performance with with the Flying Skirts velvet drop shoulder choli because the velvet is really thick. I also want to get a basic triangle cotton halter tie bikini style bra to pair with cholis. I know people who tack a bra into the choli and either cut the visible straps or cover them with matching fabric.

You can see a better view of the choli (and me in it) here:

Megan said...

This was so interesting for me to watch because the way you dance is almost the polar opposite of how I dance. Irish is all legs and feet and your dancing is all about being supple through the arms and torso. It's wonderful