Tuesday, June 23, 2009

May we introduce to you . . .

I realized last night that I have been remiss in making an announcement on this blog. If you've been reading along for a bit you've seen me mention my dance friend Flissy of Verve Tribal. While her dance partner Chris was living out of state we invited Flissy to practice, and then perform, with the troupe. Well everything went amazing well so two weeks ago we asked Flissy to join Kallisti Tribal, and to our delight she said yes!

I love this picture*, it looks like she's throwing some heavy metal "Hell Yeah!" horns.

It's been a lot of fun dancing with Flissy. She is both diligent and serious about her dance studies and she is incredibly playful about her practice (which I really appreciate because I can be a bit "All work, no fun!" and need to get snapped out of that tendency). She completed her yoga teacher training last year, which means we beg her to lead us through sun salutations during practice. To round things out, she's also a great vegetarian cook and amazing cupcake baker, which means she fits right into Kallisti "When We Get Together We Plan On Eating (a lot of good food)" Tribal.

Flissy can still be seen as one half of Verve Tribal, and you can always catch up with her at her site and blog Om Chantress.

Welcome Flissy! We are honored to have you dancing with us!

* I would credit this photo if I knew who took it, so if you know please comment and I'll add the info.


Heather Sara said...

Congratulations you guys :D I love reading happy dance news!

Also I wish OhMaya (my troupe) had more cupcake-inclined members. Damn.

Amy said...

Heather-Sara: you need to cultivate the cupcake members. Start them out making cookies and move on from there. Culinarily challenged troupe mates are encouraged to locate the best local bakery for their offerings.

Damn, now I want a cupcake!

Flissy said...

Haha! Yay! You are so adorable and sweet! I love being a Kallisti!

Maybe Shems took that picture? It's snatched from the Meetup group.

Makeda said...

Congrats to Flissy and Kallisti! And I'm glad that you have a "funster" in the tribe. It makes me happy to know that some silliness is going on in practice.