Sunday, December 28, 2008

Virtual Shopping

Just for the hell of it I decided to post a dance wish list for all the little things I look at and think, "Yeah, I'd like that".

BD-TV 2 and Belly Dance Rocks DVD. BD-TV 2 for the interview with Caroleena, Belly Dance Rocks for some of the great (and fun) performances.

Skirts: A black 25 yard skirt because I love to swish around in them for everyday wear and a jaipur skirt in, hmm. Red, Saffron or Blue (I think). Not in black because I need more color in my dance wardrobe.

FCBD Instructional DVDs #5 and 6. This may be a reality rather soon, as I think there are things in them I could use for my classes. Or at least they'd give me a good idea of how to structure what I'm teaching.

I'm also interested in becoming a better zill player, so I am interested in the Zills Drills and How to Become a Killer Ziller DVDs.

To go with those videos? More zills! I want a pair of the brass Afghani Saroyan's, or maybe Sulyman's el Coyote's large zills in the low tone, if he ever makes them again.

For music, FCBD sells Aisha Ali's series "Music of the . . . " which would be a good addition to my library. I need to pick up Helm's first "Tribal Dance, Tribal Drums". I could probably use some serious time with Amazon and iTunes to start finding more music. Or hey, if I could have the money to work with live musicians!

Speaking of money, if the sky's the limit I'd go to San Francisco for the General Skills workshop. I have a feeling by the time I have the money and time the opportunity will be long gone.

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