Thursday, November 06, 2008

What time? No time!

I'm working six days a week right now, and it's seriously cut into my dance time. I'm teaching every Monday after work, troupe practice is Tuesday after work, Wednesday and Thursday I work in the evenings, Friday after work my SO and I try to hang out, Saturdays are usually booked and Sunday I'm working and trying to relax or get things done in the evening.

I did take a few workshops with Dalia Carella last weekend, and she totally rocked. I wish I was in NYC so I could study with her all the time! Other than that, though, I have not really danced for me for a few weeks. It's tough, I have some music I've been wanting d to work with but I keep having to put it in the "Soon!" pile. Once I post this I'll be back to working on the epic email message I'm sending out to my students that goes over what we learned in class this past session. I've been trying to work on it for two weeks but it's really hard finding time to finish it.

Hopefully things will calm down in a few weeks, or else I'm going to miss the fun of the holiday season!

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