Thursday, February 07, 2008

Not a safe sport

This week I:

* Have bruises on the back of both hands from hand hooping in my Monday hooping class
* Have a bruise on the top of my head from troupe practice, where we've finally started working with swords. I have the huge Cas Iberia scimitar, and even with a scarf on my head it dug into my scalp.

Note to self: fingerless gloves for hoop class, thicker scarf for sword practice


Lisa said...

those swords are really dulled it?

Amy said...

Oh yes! I was afraid of taking out a cat if it was still sharp!

I have a dragon scimitar too. If need be I can unwire the wicking tied to it and clean off all the soot.

vees said...

Experienced sword balancers are only better than you because they have a groove worn into their skulls from years of practice that holds the blade steady.

Amy said...

I've heard that! Or are smart enough to wear head gear that helps protect their heads. Or use a lighter sword.

Sprye said...

Hey girlie! I have been hooping for about a month. The bruising will stop before you know it. I keep hearing about Arnica being used for bruising but I found that if I just kept doing it I was fine. I am soooo loving new love! Who needs anything else! lol I have been making my own hoops and hope to get much better at the taping with practice but sooo fun! Ok enough of my love talk on hooping! XOXOXOXO