Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Thing of Interest in Baltimore

On May 24th, local troupe Indra Lazul will start hostessing a weekly event at Latin Palace in Fell's Point. The event is 1001 Nights. My teacher Piper will be dancing the opening night.

There is another weekly ME night, Shanta at Red Maple. I'm not too keen on it (not my kind of bar/club, not crazy about their current policies regarding their dancers). Perhaps 1001 Nights will fullfill my desire to get out to dance for fun!


Toya said...

Darn! Too bad it's on Thursday nights - it'll be hard for me to get to those. I'll try, though.

Amy said...

I figure if I can make it now and again it'll be good. *sigh* I could have every night filled up if the lure of the sofa wasn't so strong!